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Parents, we’re excited to bring to your child a sense of normalcy, activity and structure during the temporary quarantine.

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What devices can I use?

• Zoom is compatible with smart phones, tablets, laptops and smart tv’s


How much space do I need?

• We’ve modified our workout structure to accommodate training in the home. We recommend about a 5′ x 5′ space, if you can do a pushup you can do the training!


When do my workouts meet?

• See the class days listed in your program options, as well as our daily class schedule on facebook and e-mail


What should my child wear?

• It’s important to maintain a sense of normalcy and routine, have them wear their favorite leotard!


Will I need equipment?

• We recommend using items you have at home, a wall, couch cushions, a tape line on the floor, carpet or yoga mat and a ball. Most of our workouts will be equipment free.


If you have further questions please e-mail us at [email protected] or call 860.738.7900 and we’ll do our best to reach out to you quickly.